First impressions lasts... This is how the world sees you! The perception of who you are, the quality of your brand or the kind of institution you work for is a result of how you carry yourself and how you project it to the world. Bring more people to you, to your brand and to your company. Let them be your ever loyal Patrons! See the power of Image building, join me and I'll show you how.


  • To be the Country’s leading and trusted Brand & Image Enabler for new and existing brands and businesses.


  • To CREATE winning brands with strong brand equity through image building
  • To GENERATE ideas that will valuably contribute to the growth and development of businesses.
  • To SUSTAIN and IMPROVE overall performance of existing brands and businesses through in-depth market analysis and assessment.

What is Image Consultancy?

Image Consultancy is the art of blending a person or organization’s purpose, appearance, character and style to create and deliver a desired impression for a specific group or the general public. It greatly deals with building a client’s image and how they want to be perceived. Image Consultancy also plays a vital role in brand building and crisis management.

What is Organizational Development?

Organizational Development or OD is the process of improving organizations and to increase its effectiveness and viability. The process involves careful planning and implementation to benefit the organization, its employees and its stakeholders.

How Does Ian Help His Clients/Organizations?

As a Brand & Image Enabler with a strong background and passion for creating & developing startup businesses, Ian’s task is to make his clients’ desire for growth and success happen. One on one consultations with principals are conducted to gather data, define issues and determine a suitable plan of action. After assessments with the principals and their organization(s), Ian creates an understanding of the current situation and identifies opportunities for growth to meet business objectives.

Training & Certifications

London Image Institute       Acadeny of Image Mastery                 Royal Institute of Entrepreneur