Quick insights are random weekly thoughts and reflections on life and its relation to the author's line of work. These are simply the author's opinion and not to be construed as generally accepted truths or beliefs.

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  1. SOLITUDE (April 11)

A time we seek to reflect and align ourselves with our purpose of being.

  1. BIRTHDAY (April 4)

One of the two days that matter in a person's life.


  1. BOREDOM (March 28)

An unproductive moment that halts progress.

  1. BLOCKAGES (March 21)

Obstructions that need to be cleared to bring back normal flow of energy and balance to the system.

  1. BREAKS (March 14)

A must for everyone. Batteries need to be recharged, more so the human body.

  1. DIPLOMA (March 7)

Builds credibility.


  1. TRAVEL (February 29)

Opens the mind to new ideas.

  1. LUXURY (February 22)

A lifestyle that's attached with technology.

  1. FREEDOM (February 15)

What everybody wants but is not what everyone needs.

  1. TECHNOLOGY (February 8)

Both a blessing and a curse.

  1. PATIENCE (February 1)

An important ingredient for success.


  1. SYSTEMS (January 25)

The reason why the world is the way it is now.

  1. COMMUNICATION (January 18)

Vital component of successful relationships.

  1. FAILURE (January 11)

A requisite to living life to the fullest.

  1. RESOLUTION (January 4)

A decision to address a specific concern.



  1. WEALTH (December 28)

An abundance in both tangible and intangible things, something meant to be shared and not wasted.

  1. WILL (December 21)

One's inner strength to defy challenges.

  1. INTEREST (December 14)

This makes a person address his craving and curiosity for something that benefits him or his intellect.

  1. FOCUS (December 7)

By now, you probably know that FOCUS makes one exceptional.


  1. PURPOSE (November 30)

Purpose is what gives a man a reason to be.

  1. PRESERVANCE (November 23)

It is the Never Say Die attitude; it does work because it makes the impossible... POSSIBLE.

  1. DRIVE (November 16)

Not everyone has DRIVE, it's easier to work with people with it.

  1. INSPIRATION (November 9)

An inspiration may be drawn from a person, event or surrounding. Keep yourself open to them, it may change the course of your life.

  1. ENCOURAGEMENT (November 2)

When we fail or fall down we sometimes find it difficult to stand up again, its moments like this that we need encouragement from others to help us find our footing and gain back our confidence.


  1. IMAGINATION (October 26)

This is what fuels technology and future innovations. It is the ability to imagine that enables people to make things real.

  1. RELIGION (October 19)

All kinds of Religion ideally should respect life.

  1. INTENT (October 12)

Every action has an intent, good or bad, for self or others.

  1. COMFORT ZONE (October 5)

Whenever faced with doubt, fear or inconvenience we always opt to go back to our comfort zone. It's the easiest thing to do, the thing is we do not expand ourselves or even experience life to its fullest by doing so.


  1. PLAN (September 28)

Every plan has an action but not every action has a plan.

  1. HARMONY (September 21)

Order is a result of harmony and the other way around. Let’s seek such state.

  1. COMPLICATIONS (September 14)

Life is full of complications, it becomes complicated if we opt to make it such.

  1. EXHAUSTION (September 7)

Exhaustion kicks in when one does not love what he does.


  1. DIFFERENCES (August 31)

It is normal to have disputes and differing viewpoints. We all come from different roots, upbringing, ideology and even lifestyle this is what makes us unique from each other. It is these differences that enable societies to grow and develop to better ones.

  1. EXCITEMENT (August 24)

Blessed are those who know how its like to be excited, for they are given the enthusiasm to enjoy the moment.

  1. ANTICIPATION (August 17)

Negotiators are great at anticipation.

  1. HESITATIONS (August 10)

Hesitate. You stagnate!

  1. ADJUSTMENT (August 3)

The person who knows to adjust to changes is one who is able to excel faster.


  1. FLEXIBILITY (July 27)

Muscles that easily flex saves a person from experiencing physical pain much more when the person is flexible, he does not experience disappointments.

  1. PLANNING (July 20)

Is a skill worth honing.

  1. ILLNESS (July 13)

The bane of living! The cause of life's destruction.

  1. TRANSPARENCY (July 6)

One easily gains trust when he is transparent.


  1. FORGIVENESS (June 29)

To live and to love entails a person to get hurt. To move forward and to release pain from within so that we can live and love again we need to forgive.

  1. CONSCIENCE (June 22)

The voice that whispers to us if we are doing good or evil, right or wrong.

  1. STUBBORNNESS (June 15)

A trait which may lead to one’s success or downfall.

  1. OPENNESS (June 8)

Anything close does not allow access to any place, destination or even opportunity. Being close also prohibits growth in one's way of thinking whereby one only sticks to one path limiting his view of things and the horizon.

  1. MISTAKES (June 1)

Life is a continuous learning process whereby we learn and improve from our mistakes. Nobody intends to commit one and sometimes one is not even aware of it. When one makes a mistake he should be pardoned provided he learns and not repeat it.


  1. TIME (May 25)

A luxury we can't take for granted.

  1. PLANNING (May 18)

Based on experience people who plan have a better opportunity at reaching their goals or desired results while those who do not remain the same way and miss out on opportunities. Learn to plan as it does aid one's progress and direction.

  1. PEACE (May 11)

At the end of the day and when our life is about to end, Peace is what we look for.

  1. ABUNDANCE (May 4)

Prefer abundance over scarcity. The state of abundance is good so long as it is shared.


  1. SENSES (April 27)

Make use of your senses, you have at least 5 of them.

  1. CLARITY (April 20)

Clarity of one's purpose or mission will help him reach his goal faster than one who doesn't have a clear idea or direction of where or what he intends to achieve.

  1. PRIORITIES (April 13)

When overwhelmed with tasks learn to prioritize, the important ones first and and the least last.

  1. CELEBRATIONS (April 6)

Celebrate life's wonderful moments as they only happen once.


  1. IGNORANCE (March 30)

Unavoidable when information is not disseminated properly.

  1. OBEDIENCE (March 23)

The means to a more progressive and organized way of living.

  1. PUNISHMENT (March 16)

Necessary for those who keep repeating their offenses or those simply who do not learn. Let punishment be a means of educating the stubborn ones.

  1. SACRIFICES (March 9)

Rewards and satisfactions are best appreciated when one sacrifices what pleases him and those he enjoy the most.

  1. DIGNITY (March 2)

A person of dignity is worth your trust as he would not be one in the first place.


  1. FREEDOM (February 23)

A natural right for every being but does not mean the right to abuse it by curtailing the freedom of other beings.

  1. INDEPENDENCE (February 16)

An ideal state for every being, to survive and to provide for oneself and not to depend on others.

  1. DEMOCRACY (February 9)

It is a state where everyone has equal rights and privileges, where no one is favoured and everyone is subject to the law, not above it.

  1. INTENT (February 2)

Believe that everyone has good intentions, the results may just not be what is expected.


  1. HONOR (January 26)

Gained and not imposed. A form of respect and gratitude given to those who exemplify good morals and selflessness in serving others.

  1. LEGACY (January 19)

A gift may not be a material object or one that is quantifiable, it maybe intangible like principles of love and respect for others.

  1. FAMILY (January 12)

Regardless of what we’ve done and who we have become, family will always be there support us.

  1. BEGINNING (January 5)

Everyone wants a promising life, a great beginning and a hopeful future! You alone can do it, don’t spoil it.



  1. BLESSINGS (December 29)

Be a source of blessing to others by sharing your skills, talents and abundance with others. These thing you share are blessings also given to you.

  1. GIFT (December 22)

A gift is something freely given to someone for nothing in return.

  1. HOLIDAY (December 15)

A holiday is good. We all need it, to recharge and to recuperate.

  1. HAPPINESS (December 8)

We are at our best when we are happy. Why not be a source of happiness to the people around you. Let’s build a happy community.

  1. WHOLE (December 1)

We need to be whole to be at our best, the same way a car needs to be whole to function perfectly as a means of transportation.


  1. EXCUSE (November 24)

Excuse is a great escape of irresponsible people.

  1. WEAKNESS (November 17)

Your weakness is a result of not wanting to improve yourself.

  1. FAILURE (November 10)

Failure is a result of inaction.

  1. BLAME (November 3)

Blaming is a poor excuse for one’s inability to act.


  1. RESPONSIBILITY (October 27)

It is only when people are responsible that we see growth in the community and the world. Because responsibility brings forth accountability and action.

  1. POWER (October 20)

With POWER comes great responsibility! I agree. Someone who is entrusted with power should know how to use it, for it can do good or harm to others.

  1. REWARD (October 13)

Everyone needs a pat on the back for a job well done. We can reward ourselves and others for MAJOR accomplishments.

  1. DELAY (October 6)

Delays make people impatient, it hampers development and progress and in the end causes stress. I wonder why we keep letting this happen when we can do something about it.


  1. CHALLENGES (September 29)

Something to look forward to and not to hide from. It is our character builder.

  1. BELIEF (Septembver 22)

Good and Bad will depend on one’s belief.

  1. MINDFULNESS (September 15)

Someone who respects and is sensitive to the needs of others, we need more of them.

  1. SELFISHNESS (September 8)

Selfish people do not have friends, they just have me.

  1. DEDICATION (September 1)

Genuine dedication makes a good leader and follower.


  1. ATTITUDE (August 25)

A projection of how we value others. It’s our way of approaching or dealing with people and circumstances based on their significance. Positive attitude = important, negative attitude = irrelevant.

  1. HABIT (August 18)

A behaviour or routine turned to your normal and involuntary action. Why not make going to work early and eating healthy a habit?

  1. PRACTICE (August 11)

You want to improve? Practice.

  1. DISAPPOINTMENT (August 4)

Expectations not met result to disappointments. Make sure your expectations are clear and defined to those you expect it from to avoid disappointment.


  1. NOURISHMENT (July 28)

Every living organism needs replenishment in any kind of form much more human beings. We are like plants that need light, water and minerals to grow.


No one is right all the time. This trait is VERY narcissistic.

  1. INSPIRATION (July 14)

The internal or external cause the makes one move towards his evolution.

  1. MOTIVATION (July 7)

The reason why people chose to fail or succeed.


  1. MIRACLE (June 30)

A personal conversation with God that opens up to countless blessings, possibilities and Miracles!

  1. MIRACLE (June 23)

They happen! Extraordinary events that make us believe that there is a higher power that make the impossible happen.

  1. CONTRADICTION (June 16)

This happens when people have different opinions and point of views, best to listen calmly and pick up the good points on all sides involved.

  1. LIFE (June 9)

The greatest gift we have! Let’s learn to live and love it!

  1. FORTHRIGHT (June 2)

I have high respect for people who say things as they are. Simple and straight to the point without being offensive.


  1. DOMINEERING (May 26)

People by nature do things when and how they want it. Having a domineering person around you will curtail that natural inclination to do things one’s way leading to rebellion or discord.

  1. OPTIMISM (May 19)

Nothing beats the power of positive vibes. It’s contagious and can brighten one’s gloomy day.

  1. VANITY (May 12)

A person filled with admiration for self will lose friends. Living is about people and not about you.

  1. TRUTH (May 5)

The truth will set you FREE. Why? When truth is said, nothing more comes after.


  1. ADVENTURE (April 28)

A life that is filled with adventure is an exciting life. Don't be afraid to try new things for we only live once. Do the most and try everything that life has to offer... LIVE.

  1. GENEROSITY (April 21)

A person who shares himself and his resources begets generosity in all forms, kindness, opportunities, financial blessings and much more.

  1. DIVERGENT (April 14)

Being different is not bad nor evil. The world is the way it is because of divergence. It's what balances our lives.

  1. SATISFACTION (April 7)

Satisfaction is the end of one's evolution.


  1. ENVY (March 31)

Envy is a feeling of discontentment over someone who has gained success or advantage over you. Envy can work for the good or bad depends on how you would take it. I'd rather you take it as a challenge to improve yourself and succeed in your endeavours.


This is our fall back. Most if not all of us love to defer or put off to a future time our projects, work or even obligations. At first it seems convenient but only till we discover that work has piled up. Next step, we cram to the point of exhaustion and eventually end up missing deadlines and loss of opportunities. Don't wait for this to happen, don't delay what you can do today!

  1. CALMNESS (March 17)

A state of stillness. The best decision you will ever make is done when you are calm and not when you are at the height of your emotions. Be CALM.

  1. INVESTMENT (March 10)

If you have a means of livelihood, it's best you allocate a portion of your earnings to any type of investment that may yield financial protection for life, health and property and contingencies, such as death or loss. This is something you will surely benefit from not now but in the future.

  1. WORRY (March 3)

Life is too short to be burdened by fear, anxiety and depression. These are some of the negative effects of worrying. Our life should be lived out to the fullest and worrying is one major obstacle that keeps us from moving forward. More often than not the things we worry about do not happen. So why waste your time worrying... but instead use your time wisely to do something worthwhile.


  1. FEAR (February 24)

Fear is a state that keeps us from reaching our goals. Its what tells our mind and body that its acceptable not to accomplish tasks, thus giving ourselves a valid excuse. By overcoming fear you will be able to get more things done and even accomplish things that you thought impossible. You don't believe me? Try it.

  1. RELIABILITY (February 17)

Have you ever worked with anyone? Or does your job require you to work with others? If you have, I am pretty sure one of the qualities you will look for from them is how reliable they can be. Reliability is a measure of how one can achieve goals and greater tasks in the future without this quality in you or others you work with, you will surely have a difficult time to progress or succeed!

  1. LOVE (February 10)

We live to love. That's what living is all about. Happy Valentine's day.

  1. MONEY (February 3)

Money makes the world go round. True. They also say that money is the source of evil. False. It's when someone becomes greedy that money becomes evil.


  1. GOOD VIBES (January 27)

I look up to people who have a positive view of life despite the challenges they face. A happy person gets things done simply because it generates positive vibrations to oneself and others around him. Ain't it a great feeling to be around be with someone overflowing with positiveness, try it?

  1. PATIENCE (January 20)

Whenever our patience is tested; be calm, quiet, persevering, it may not get immediate results but may gain you a better chance or opportunity. Just wait a while.

  1. PROMISES (January 13)

Promises are NOT made to be broken. Promises give people hope!

  1. HEALTH (January 6)

Start your day right! Be on the path of wellness, remember the saying, "Health is Wealth!" One becomes richer in many ways by taking care of himself.



  1. HUMILITY (December 30)

A person who is humble does not need to prove anything to anyone. He surprises everyone and is loved by everyone!

  1. PRIDE (December 23)

Most if not all have a fairly good opinion of one’s own dignity and importance. The moment this gets trampled on, one becomes defensive or combative to the point of creating disharmony among people around them. Let not pride ruin your life and relationships. Learn to accept the truth and change it to improve if necessary.

  1. INDEPENDENCE (December 16)

Independence is the ability to sustain oneself through his profession, craft or chosen trade. It’s about taking responsibility of one’s life, actions and the consequences that may result from his decisions.
Being independent entails not just financial stability but emotional maturity and determination to live a purposeful life.

  1. LOYALTY (December 9)

Alliances are made with people we trust, loyalty on the other hand is not just based on trust but also relationships that have been tested by time. Loyalty is given to a person who has gained the respect of others.

  1. FOCUS (December 2)

Multi tasking is an admirable skill however one could not perform a task completely well without focus. When we focus on specific tasks we get things done faster and results turn out exceptional.


  1. RESPECT (November 25)

In this time and age respect is mostly given to people who are older or those who have a higher position (family or work). But this type of respect is based on authority and power which is not earned. The ideal respect we want to practice is the type that is given simply because it was well earned and deserved by the person regardless of age and position.

  1. TRUST (November 18)

It is good to be content and secured but it is not an excuse for one to stop whatever he is doing. The moment one becomes complacent of his condition he becomes a victim of sloth and unproductivity lest it be his intention.

  1. CONFIDENCE (November 11)

You've heard the saying, "No guts, No glory!" In a way it does make sense. A person who does not believe in himself will not be able to sell himself nor attain his dreams simply because he never saw his worth and doesn't believe he is capable of doing anything. Be confident, believe you have what it takes to make things happen!

  1. SELF WORTH (November 4)

There is nothing more important than knowing your worth. Most people do not realize their importance, they feel they exist only when they are recognized or needed. Let's not forget that we have accomplished many things in our life, big or small and also have attained quite a number of feats. Lets take pride on who we are, for no one is like us. We are unique and this uniqueness is what gives us our worth.


  1. VICTORY (October 28)

In every battle there is always a victor. Normally it is only one of the combatants who ends up the winner. I think in life everyone should be victorious. No one should be left defeated. Lets strive to make life and all its battles a win win situation for everyone, this way we do not end up hurting others but instead uplift each other.

  1. COMPLACENCE (October 21)

It is good to be content and secured but it is not an excuse for one to stop whatever he is doing. The moment one becomes complacent of his condition he becomes a victim of sloth and unproductivity lest it be his intention.

  1. GRATITUDE (October 14)

Little do we know that there is much about life we need to be thankful for. Right this very moment you never even realized how blessed you are to have eyes to read this text. Let this be the start of your awareness and appreciation to all that you are and have and not those that you do not posses. You will find more meaning as you live a life of gratitude.

  1. WORDS (October 7)

Words are a powerful tool of communication. Words are nothing without action so we must act out what we speak. Let your words be of love and hope instead of hatred and discouragement to others. Let your words inspire you and others to become better in every possible way.


  1. INTROSPECTION (September 30)

All vehicles are inspected before travelling most specially for long drives. This is to ensure the vehicle is safe and capable of performing given various weather and road conditions faced during the trip. The same way we have to check ourselves, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually if we are prepared to take on major life decisions. Just like vehicles we need to do a routine check up and take the time to rest and reflect if needed. This way we will be ready for the next road trip both literally and figuratively.

  1. WORK (September 23)

Work to many is having a means of livelihood, a job. Some take it for granted not knowing that it can lead to many opportunities. One can grow more and learn to enhance his skills, talents and build relationships through it. Let it be a means of improvement and not just livelihood. Love work and see your world change for the better.

  1. STRESS (September 16)

We love anything that makes us feel good, relaxed and excited but not stressed. This is true for most of us as the word stress signifies anxiety, hardship and failure. Most often it is also associated with deadlines not met, unforeseen horrendous events and uncertainty of outcomes. Stress no matter what we do is a part of our life, it is our attitude and manner of handling it that will make it a good or bad experience. Let's choose the former. Live stress out happily.

  1. DECISION (September 9)

The ability to make a decision will depend on how much conviction a person has to choose his course of action. Once you have made a decision, do not hesitate but instead pursue the path you chose. This is one way of making things happen. Be a man of action! Decide.

  1. PASSION (September 2)

We do things for a reason. We eat, drink, breathe to live. We study to get a diploma. We work to earn and so on. But have you done something simply because you just love doing it for no particular reason? That's what I call Passion. It is that inner desire to do something not for the rewards or results it may generate but the mere happiness and sense of fulfillment it gives you. What is your Passion? I urge you to find and know what it is and do something to address it.


  1. PROCRASTINATION (August 26)

Most of us are guilty of this. We like to delay or defer our plans, activities and even deadlines on the assumption that we have tomorrow and the day after. What most people do not realize is that anything can happen today which may change the events for tomorrow and the coming days. Let me share you my motto, it goes as simple as this: "Don't delay what you can do today!" If faithfully practiced you will be surprised as to how productive you can be without being stressed out. Plus the fact that it will literally save your life, career and who knows what else.

  1. DISCIPLINE (August 19)

Discipline may have many definitions. It can also mean self-control and a means of self motivation. People who lack process or system in life and work would be those who would benefit most from this. Be a man of discipline and see how far you'll get in your career and personal life.

  1. INVESTMENT (August 12)

Everything in life is about investing. There is not one bit where we do not invest anything. Things happen simply because we invested our time, money and effort. Just try not investing any of these and let’s see how your life turns out. Just think about it...


A lot of people claim to be modest, upright and good at what they do. Unfortunately most of them are only good with words, their actions prove contrary to their claims. For one to be considered a professional he/she should be sensitive to the needs and norms of society plus the ability to adapt to the culture around him. Professionalism is far more than just words as mentioned but is more about living out what is right, just and proper. It is what makes one credible, respectable and trusted at what he/she does. Be a professional.


  1. COMMUNICATION (July 29)

Communication is the exchange of thoughts, opinions, ideas or information through speech, writing or signs. It’s a basic tool we all have, to express ourselves, our beliefs, who we are... our brand.

  1. DETERMINATION (July 22)

If your plans do not materialize, a good question to ask is how determined are you to make it happen? Most people fail to realize that action needs a partner, just like Batman & Robin. Action and determination are the perfect duo. The absence of one can make the task difficult thus leaving you with the easiest option of abandoning your plan. Don’t be that lazy person who opts for the easy path. The easy path leads nowhere. Be a person who acts with determination and make things happen.

  1. EXECUTION (July 14)

Many of us have plans; some simple and others as grand as the universe. But have you thought of how you can make them happen?

A plan is like a dream. I noticed that many of us are dreamers, by which I mean we have aspirations that remain as unrealized dreams. A crucial part in making plans happen is how they are executed. Start realizing your plans, aspirations and dreams... Act on them! Execution is a key to make your plans happen.

  1. MARKS & SCARS (July 7)

When buying item(s) we normally check if it is free from any marks, dents, scratches or any sign that it was used or tampered with. That’s how we normally like it. New.

As an item is used and ages it inevitably deteriorates, the level of which may depend on you, the manner and care you give it. At some point it may have been soiled, punctured and even dropped giving the item its own distinct marks that makes it no longer generic but unique.

Much like life you started on a clean slate, as you age you got scarred lightly or deeply and the marks left on you made you different from all the rest. You made choices and decisions that set you apart others that led you to where you are now.

These choices and decisions are also what changed your life. So thanks to all those ugly or pretty scars you have, they have been instrumental in building brand YOU. Now, it’s up to you what you make out of it.