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Ian was able to remarkably synthesize everyone’s ideas, as well as give useful tips in branding ourselves as Meta-Coaches. He is truly an expert in his field!

Co-Host, Imagine Inner Peace, DZRH
Executive and Wellness Meta-Coach, Co-Regional Director
Meta-Coach Foundation, Philippines


One of Ian's biggest assets is his consistent demeanor. He is fair and respectful, and a good listener whose mood doesn't fluctuate according to circumstances. As a business mentor, he is tremendous in coming to the table with very interesting, very unique and creative ideas. The success of his team from health-is-in.com is just one of the several proofs.

Marketing Associate
NSG Tours


I have worked with Ian when K-Lite became a media partner of the Miss Earth Beauty Pageant in Baguio. He's very organized and prompt and i have observed that he is very focused on what he is doing.

Among his strengths is being a people person, able to deal with anybody in his working circle... fun and friendly with a happy disposition... always pleasant and cool even under pressure.

Ian is also very goal-oriented... not loosing sight of his vision and mission, he tries hard to meet all that is expected of him through hardwork, determination and thorough planning.

Marketing Directress
96. 7 K-LITE


What was very noticeable with Ian during the time he was among our partners here at MBC-RN was his unrelenting quest to make things big and to do things better. He spends a lot of time not just in conceptualizing ideas but in putting them to work.

Operations Manager
Manila Broadcasting Company, Radyo Natin Network


IAN JOSEPH R. NUBLA was first introduced to me in February 2011. During my brief encounter with him, he struck me as someone with a high level of dedication, passion and enthusiasm for his work in the image consulting industry. This manifested in the founding of Vyzian Consultancy whereby he strongly wanted to impact the lives of people in a practical way by sharing his expertise in professional development.

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Founder & Principal Consultant
Image@Inspire, Shanghai, China


I have known Ian Nubla for years, both personally and professionally. In both cases, I have admired him for the passion that he puts in everything he does. While he can be driven when it comes to handling people, he knows when it's time to take things lightly, laugh, and enjoy moments of rest and relaxation. Not one to compromise his principles for profit and fame, Ian has shown that what he does is more of an advocacy than a career. People come first.

Integrative Medicine
Wellness Advocate


I like the way Ian discussed the impact of the business card design to potential clients. He speaks in a simple, straightforward and effective manner that made it easy for me to understand, and gave me a clear idea of how to design my own.

Corporate Meta-Coach
Meta-Coach Foundation, Philippines


Ian has a sound and firm grasp of the principles of branding. His depth of experience in branding his own businesses, as well as being a consultant to others, makes his work is insightful, practical, and immediately actionable!

Meta-Coach on Shyness
Meta-Coach Foundation, Philippines


I had the opportunity to work with Ian in ACNielsen, as a colleague he was very professional not only towards his clients but his co-workers as well. He values relationships but does not forget the importance of delivering results at work. Ian's greatest strength lies with his business acumen when he puts himself in his client's shoes to address their business needs.

Senior Manager, Retailer Services
The Nielsen Company Inc. (Philippines)


Ian is a happy and positive co-worker. During his employment with the Human Resource Development Office of Xavier School, his pleasant disposition facilitated the smooth flow and implementation of the projects and activities assigned to him. He had a special way of getting the support and cooperation from the people the office worked with, from the resource persons to the program participants including the support staff and offices!

Human Resource Head / Alumni Relations
Xavier School